Last updated on September 21, 2016
Matt Hines

About Me

Matt Hines
A Bay area resident with a long passion for computers and programming. He has been writing software with a focus on video games since he was in middle school.

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Aug. 2016


Jun. 2015 to Apr. 2015

Front-End Engineer

May. 2014 to May. 2015

.Net Development and UX Design Intern

Jan. 2013 to May. 2014

Undergraduate Research. Wrote CRTC website and worked on educational game


Jun. 2013 to May. 2015
A digital marketplace for your services and requests

CTO and Lead Developer

Mar. 2013 to May. 2015
The Center for Real-time Computing at Old Dominion University

Relational Algebra Online

Mar. 2014
A simple relational algebra query builder using the Simple Scripter


The second in the series. Features much better AI, new graphics, and overall better design


Mar. 2016
A simple 3D arcade style game created as a learning project for DirectX 12

Dec. 2011
A top down shooter that puts the player in an infected body, with the challenge of eradicating all that is bad

Jul. 2008
An arcade style action game similar to Pacman and Bomberman

Mar. 2012
A recreation of the original Pillars with improved AI and general coding

A series of WWII style plane shoot-em-ups (1, 2, 3, 3.5) written for mIRC

Other Projects

D3D12 Shader Tester

A tool similar to ShaderToy that provides an editor and canvas for testing shaders in D3D12

Programming Language

A flexible object based language similar to JavaScript

Boing Ball 4k

Apr. 2014
A simple 4k ASCII demo that emulates the Amiga's boing ball


A simple tool for creating localized language string sets


A web based tool that lets you draw, write, or create shapes on any webpage.


A GUI for creating packed animations from sprite sheets with a variety of settings. Also acts as a previewer

Client Artwork

Mar. 2012
Koi Koi, a variant of Hanafuda is a traditional Japanese flower card game where two opponents use strategy, cunning, and a little bit of luck to attempt beat your opponent

Created all artwork except for card faces for the game

Jun. 2012
A history of the Japanese gaming community surrounding the Dance Dance Revolution series, from 1998 to 2011, from the perspective of someone intertwined with the community from the beginning

Created the main logo and provided design advice for the book

Jun. 2011
A top down space based shooter


Oct. 2011
A multiplayer PAC-MAN clone written for mIRC

Created all artwork for the game

A game reminiscent of Tetris

Giant Mac ⌘ Button

Apr. 2010
Designed a giant mac ⌘ button for use in Apptivate


Aid Over Earth

Mar. 2014
Written at the Spring 2014 TribeHacks hackathon at the University of William and Mary, Aid Over Earth is a website that takes donor data from the AidData website via their API and plots the records of transactions across the globe on a globe using Google Earth. The information can also be filtered by time and category.

Wrote the website and parser for the data from the AidData API. Wrote the KML exporter for the globe

Nov. 2013
Written at the Fall 2013 HackDuke hackathon at Duke University, Inquizio is a Microsoft Powerpoint plugin and website that allows students to complete quiz questions with their cell-phone's text messaging or email

Created the powerpoint plugin, helped design the idea, and provided expertice on the website end of the work

Oct. 2011
Wrote a simple client server system to send and receive XML packets, validated by a schema